Lev Seller.    Dip. ITEC,  RMT,  GCMT,  SMTO.


2018- February 2020  Invited to teach Holistic Massage seminars at Elaura Inc, Shinagawa, Tokyo. Private sessions given in Shinagawa and Osaka.
                     Further seminars planned for Summer 2020,  but postponed due to Covid pandemic.

2016 - present...taught Holistic Massage seminars in Geneva Switzerland, Belgium, and in Shinagawa Tokyo and Osaka

2015   Introductory  and  Advanced  Seminars in  Holistic  Massage  at   Obirin Hotel near Tokyo in  September  with new Japanese Organiser  Yuko  Okada.
Private sessions planned in Yokohama ( Motomachi),  Chiba,   and other locations to be confirmed.  Magic of the Chakras seminar planned for Tokyo in October
Attended seminar on  BODYTALK  presented by Katharina Kroeber at Findhorn, and also a second   ENNEAGRAM   seminar  with Robert Holden.

2014   Private sessions of Holistic Massage offered in  Yokohama : also Chiba prefecture and possibly Osaka area.
After  I  translated together with  Yoko Koike  the Japanese Manga book originally written by  Naoko Mori  about her experiences
attending the Findhorn Foundation community,   the English version of this  book is now available at the Phoenix shop on campus.
Attended  seminar on the   ENNEAGRAM   system,   presented by  Robert Holden at Findhorn.

2013   Introductory and Advanced Seminars in Holistic Massage at Megamiyama Life Centre , Nagano, Japan
Magic  of  the  Chakras  seminar scheduled  at  Palette  Salon, Tokyo.
Private sessions scheduled for Tokyo,  Nagoya,   Yokohama  Ishikawacho,   Osaka,  Hotaka,   Fukuoka  and  Okinawa.
Intro Massage workshop scheduled  for April in Scotland

2012   Introductory  and  Advanced  seminars  in  Holistic  Massage  at  Megamiyama  Life  Centre,  Nagano,  JAPAN.
Magic  of  the  Chakras  seminar  will  be offered  again  at  Palette  Salon, Tokyo.
Private sessions scheduled for Tokyo,  Nagoya,   Yokohama,   Kyoto,  Hotaka,   Fukuoka  and  Okinawa.
Completed training in Astroshamanic Touch taught by Franco Santoro at Findhorn.

2011    Massage Seminars taught in Forres in April.
Interview with Japanese "ANEMONE"  magazine May edition, about my Holistic Massage.
Seminars presented in Megamiyama Life Centre ,Basic and Advanced.
Seminar on Magic of the Chakras taught in Tokyo again at Pelette Salon.
Interviewed by Alex Satomi Hino for Japanese magazine "Mr PARTNERS" about my massage practice.
Invited to Kyushu to give sessions in Fukuoka and at JUST-S School in Kumamoto, and give evening presentation about Findhorn Foundation.
Invited to Kyoto for the first time to give private sessions.

2010   Workshops taught in  Forres,  Plus Basic Introduction and Advanced seminars at both Megamiyama Life Centre and Ishigaki island JAPAN, and for the first time a Basic Introduction workshop in Okinawa JAPAN.   
Also a **NEW** seminar to be taught in Tokyo on the Chakra System, including many meditation and visualisation exercises and chakra dance.

2009  Workshops taught in  Forres,   Megamiyama Life Centre JAPAN and  Ishigaki  island  JAPAN
Level  1  Reiki  Attunement   with   Tibetan  teacher  Venerable Lobsang Namgyel
Attended  Conference of Shen  Energy  Foundation,   to learn  Chinese  Energy  Medicine  techniques.

2008 Introductory and Advanced Workshops scheduled for Megamiyama Life Centre in September

10th anniversary of my teaching my massage methods in Japan ; it was my first location to instruct students

Megamiyama Life Centre

2007 Three visits to Japan scheduled, to teach seminars in Kurumayamakogen, Osaka and Megamiyama Life Centre. Also workshops scheduled for Shambala Retreat Centre, Findhorn, and Salisbury Centre Edinburgh.

2006 Workshops taught in Edinburgh, and spent 3 months in Japan giving private sessions in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Kurume and Megamiyama, as well as workshop teaching.

Interviewed by HANAKO lifestyle magazine in Osaka, to talk about my holistic approach to healing, featured in February 2007 edition article about complementary therapy.

Attended Lifecoaching skills training led by Hide Enomoto at Findhorn Foundation.

2005 Invited to join General Council of Massage Therapists (GCMT). Taught workshops in Scotland and Japan.

2004 Taught Holistic Massage workshops at Findhorn, Edinburgh, and Japan.

2003 Taught several Holistic Massage workshops in Scotland, Japan and Philippines.

TV and press interviews /seminars in Philippines explaining the health benefits of Holistic Massage.

Commissioned by Dorota Owen to write about Holistic Massage for her book about techniques of stress relief entitled “Meditations for Mad Moments” , to support Manila-based charities.

2002 Invited to teach Holistic Massage workshops at Salisbury Centre, Edinburgh (March and November) and again for fourth time in Japan.(September)

Bonfire on full moon night

2001 Third visit to Japan for Holistic Massage workshops - both introductory and advanced programmes.

2000 Second invitation to return to Japan and present workshops in September

1999 Invited by Shin Terayama (Executive Director of Japan Holistic Medical Society) to teach introductory workshops on Holistic Massage in Japan.

1998 - 99 Studied for Remedial and Sports Massage Diploma in Aberdeen (R.M.T.)

Licensed by Grampian Massage School to practise as Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist after gaining Diploma.

1998 Invited by Dr Brian McMullen, a local GP, to provide massage therapy sessions at a course entitled "The Wounded Healer", for Medical Doctors in North Scotland.

Attended training in "Therapeutic Touch" at Findhorn Foundation (FF.)

1997 Certified in Swedish Massage by Scottish Massage Therapists.

Started to receive referrals by local doctors' clinic for patients with conditions such as Fibromyalgia and Arthritis.

1996 Obtained certificate in Kinesiology and Touch for Health

1995 Attended course in Esalen type Massage at FF.

1994 Attended introductory course in Aromatherapy at FF.

Certified as trained Co-Counsellor, by CCI (International) organisation.

Lighting incense at Kamakura shrine

1993 Licensed as Massage Therapist with International Therapeutic Examination Council Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage. ( Dip. ITEC )

Accepted as Member of Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation ( Professional Body) Approved by SMTO for professional indemnity insurance.

Started to build private practice in Holistic Massage at FF.

1992 - 93 Studied for first massage diploma ( ITEC Qualification)

1991 Attended course on Creative Anatomy at FF .

Approved as member of FF Complementary Practitioners Group.

1990 Started informal training as Massage Practitioner at FF, having signed approved Code of Ethics to work with clients.

1989 Attended "Experience Week" and Meditation workshops at Findhorn Foundation

Moved to live and work at FF.

1980 - 89 Logistics Supervisor in North Sea Offshore Oil sector companies.

1975 - 79 Employed by Aberdeen University (Medical Microbiology/Plant Biology Dept ).

1974 Second degree, in Human Physiology and Plant Biology

1972 Graduated from Robert Gordon's University in Aberdeen with science diploma degree in Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Mammalian Physiology

1968 Aberdeen University Medical School - basic year training

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