How can I  benefit from receiving regular massage treatments?

Relieves  muscular  aches and  pains

Decreases  stress  and  tension

Frees stiff joints and maintains mobility

Helps immune system resist infections

Stimulates circulation and improves removal of waste products via lymphatic system.

Nourishes  skin  and encourages suppleness   

Stimulates  digestive system to function effectively.

Promotes  joie de vivre  ( "feel good factor " ) and psychological health.

What  is  "Lev's Holistic Massage "?

Holistic Massage relieves fatigue, reduces tension,  and contributes  to a feeling of  healthy physical and emotional well-being.  My technique provides a relaxing,  de-stressing and nurturing experience for the client, through caring sensitive touch with  a  gentle  strength.  I have also trained in 'Esalen-type' Massage, and Swedish style massage,  and I selectively combine the best  elements from these different techniques into a  unique  massage  experience for the client.

Holistic massage is an approach which honours the whole person. This means when a client comes for a session,  I don’t just view that individual as a body to be manipulated beneficially to relieve aches and pains on the physical level,  but also I believe that the client has an “emotional body” and a “spiritual body” too. These other bodies may not be visible, but nonetheless are equally deserving of nurturing touch, So my intention is always to direct healing energy via sensitive touch to those  “ unseen bodies ” too !

More than this,  my work seeks to combine the western physical techniques I’ve studied,  together with eastern aspects ;  by this I mean working with subtle energies,  such as meridian energy lines and chakra energy centres in the body. At the end of every session, I will balance and align the chakras,  energising if necessary,  to ensure optimal life potential for that client.

This combination of eastern and western approaches, combined with focusing on the three 'bodies' described, is my definition of Holistic Massage.

What does Chakra Balancing mean, and why is it important?

The Chakras are a series of seven major energy centres located in the body at specific points. The word derives from the Sanskrit,  meaning  "wheel"..   Eastern traditions teach that these centres are each concerned with specific aspects of our lives. For example, issues of interpersonal communication, healthy and appropriate expression of our sexuality, and so on. For us to enjoy a healthy life, it’s important that these energy centres are aligned and energised to be in harmony.    Balancing the Chakras ensures that we feel at our optimum energy level and can realize our true potential  when living in the "outer world" of human relationships, as well as helping to heal emotional wounds in our " inner world ".

Emotional blocks can often be cleared with a few minutes of Chakra Balancing at the end of a massage session,  giving a powerful sense of release, energy flow,  and deep healing.

What's the difference between Aromatherapy and Lev's Holistic Massage ?

Aromatherapy is a type of massage where the strokes are usually performed with a very light touch, since most of the effects of the treatment are due to the active healing properties of the essential oils used,  rather than the particular movements employed by the therapist. Each oil used in the session is usually made up at the time of the session by the practitioner, based on the symptoms described by the client.

My therapeutic Holistic Massage also employs essential oil blends derived from plant sources, but in my practice I use a range of 5 pre-blended essential oil mixtures which I have uniquely created. Each blend has a particular set of attributes and healing effects, organic in origin and mixed  in a pure organic grape seed carrier oil.  I normally offer the client a choice between 2 or 3 blends, based on the presenting history and current state of the person’s physical and emotional body.


This holistic method brings together elements of the various Western styles of massage I have studied,  so the pressure experienced by the client varies during the session,  partly according to the muscle group I’m working on,  but also what I sense intuitively from that person’s body during the session.

It is never as mechanically invasive as Deep Tissue/Rolfing type work for example, nor as percussive and stimulating as classical Swedish or Sports massage,  but still the effects are usually  profound and deeply relaxing –  many of my clients fall asleep during the session !

What are some medical conditions which are often helped by massage?

Lower back pain,  Headaches,   Depression,  Osteoarthritis,   Whiplash injuries,   Stress,  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ( M.E.),   Eczema or other skin conditions,   High blood pressure,   Frozen shoulder,   Irritable Bowel  Syndrome,  Anxiety  attacks,   Asthma,   Insomnia.


Why do my sessions last for 2 hours?

My philosophy is that we share 2 hours of our life together in the session, and go on a journey together...the massage is the  "vehicle"  for our journey - but there is no  "map" !  Every session is  different..the end goal is a relaxed and healed client, but the flavour of each journey is unique.

I believe that to do justice to the holistic approach, and to honour the client in a human way, it’s better to offer this length of appointment, to allow adequate time for talking to the client before starting work on the massage couch. Not only does this give the opportunity for comprehensive taking of medical history as it might affect the treatment, but also it starts to establish a rapport with the person, putting them at their ease and encouraging an atmosphere of friendly trust between client and therapist.

Allowing an extended time-slot also means the client has an opportunity to ask me any questions about the session or  what is likely  to happen.  Not only that, but in a session of 2 hours duration, there‘s enough time at the end of the massage for the client to bring their awareness slowly back to the room if they’ve drifted off into sleep,  and gives a few minutes to begin the integration of the healing effects of the session.

What are my qualifications?

Some of my  professional   post -diploma   trainings are listed below.














How much does it cost,  and where can I receive a session?

Fees are negotiable for a  2 hour  consultation  and session and may vary from country to country (  Payments also in EUROs or JAPANESE YEN ). Reductions  are available for a series  of sessions,  or  for  Senior Citizens /  unwaged.

Hours:  9 am - 6pm weekdays, by appointment.  Weekend  or   evening  sessions also possible

I practise either in Forres,  at Cluny,  or the Park at Findhorn.    It  may sometimes  be possible   to drive  you   to the  session,   if  transport  is  difficult  for you.

Home visits can be arranged within a 10 mile radius of my home address for a small surcharge on the standard fees, to  cover extra time and petrol costs.

Professional Body and Ethics:
Scottish  Massage  Therapists  Organisation.
I practise according to the Code of Ethics laid down by this organisation, and have professional insurance approved by this body on an annual basis.



I offer sets of my unique formula Holistic Massage Oils for sale. These are not typical “recipes”, for example I don’t use Lavender or Rosemary, but I have evolved these blends over several years and have found them to be appropriate for most therapeutic situations.

A set consists of 5 different organic aromatherapy-type oil blends, in a Grapeseed carrier oil base , with added vitamin E to maintain healthy skin condition. Each bottle contains 50ml of oil in an unbreakable plastic bottle with sealable nozzle, sufficient for up to 10 treatments.

SENSUAL oil blend, for pampering –
Contains Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Rose Absolute

MEDITATION oil blend, for inner tranquility -
Contains Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood

WARM SPICY oil blend, for aches and pains -
Contains Pine, Tangerine, Clove, Ginger, Cinnamon Leaf, Juniper, and Eucalyptus.

RELAXING oil blend , for rest and repose -
Contains Ylang Ylang, Vetivert and Patchouli

SOOTHING oil blend , for calming emotions -
Contains Juniper, Mandarin and Ylang Ylang

Please email me for details of prices, payment method and optimum type of despatch for the country you are resident in. I can also supply 100ml or 200ml size bottles at discounted prices.


I can also supply a CD of   “ Music to Massage by ”   - my compilation of relaxing music to enrich the massage experience. These are all baroque pieces, mostly tranquil “adagio” tracks which can enhance the deep healing effects during a session. Please email me for details of how to obtain this. Total playing time approximately 75 minutes.

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