I would like to appreciate your tender and heartfelt treatment, which I desperately needed as I felt drained of my whole strength and energy. When I woke up I felt totally different - good, fresh, and physically and emotionally like a different person. I never felt so different after receiving body care - I truly wish you lived in Tokyo !
M.T . - Tokyo

You have such a gift, and really care about people. The reason your work is so important is that after you give such a caring session, it makes people open up with love and view the world in a different way. I'll be back next year for more.
A.K . – Huddersfield

My shoulder freed up considerably during the session - I'm very excited as I haven't had that much movement for months.
G.F. - Zurich

I experienced trusting touch from a man for the first time. - you are a great healer. Your massage helped me when I could not accept my own trauma, so when I came home to Japan I recommended you to all my friends.
J.W . - Tokyo

It's magic, what you do !
N.I. - Belgrade

The best day of my life - I am very, very happy.
M.T. - Kobe

I never had a massage like that before..I want more..Wow!
K.M. - Bath

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